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Global Chinese Community -  Since 2022

GCC Fund is a Venture-Grant style fund that supports and donates to the development of digital public goods in Chinese-speaking community around the world.

How does GCC work?


Public Goods Funding Mechanism.

We explore and research the pioneers of sustainable funding mechanism of public goods.

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Support Global Public Goods

We actively grant and support global public goods builders especially in the chinese community.

Grant Program

Multi-sig Holders

The current and past holders of the GCC multi-sig wallet.

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G C C Key Funding Areas

GCC is interested in all kinds of digital Public Goods projects, but mainly on Web3 Infra, DeSci, Security & Anti-fraud, Crypto Education, Policy Advocate, Decentralized Public Governance that are related to global Chinese-speaking community.

How GCC Works
We hope our support ultimately leading to positive and transformative impacts in the quality and quantity of Public Goods in the world.

Join us and Explore The Future of Public Goods